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bald eagle chick

Every year this pair of bald eagles return to Central Florida to breed. Back in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew blew down the tree with the nest in it. The good news is that the bald eagles have now built a new nest. Even better, the female is in the next on eggs!

I will be visiting regularly to keep you updated and hopefully see some fledgling eagle chicks in early 2018. Check out the gallery for the full set of images.

16 December 2017
31 December 2017
7 January 2018
11 January 2018

It had rained all night and the conditions this morning weren’t ideal for photography but after I had got my tripod set up, the first thing I saw was the tiny head of a bald eagle chick staring right back at me! Amazing! I am guessing about 1 week old, maybe less.

As I was moving to higher ground, the male arrived with a small field mouse in his talons. Talk about repositioning at the wrong moment but this is the nature of wildlife photography. There will be many more opportunities for this type of shot as the chick will have a voracious appetite until it fledges and eventually leaves the nest.

15 January 2018

Mother and chick very active this afternoon, both ripping small pieces of meat from the same carcass in the nest. Even though it has been 4 days since the last visit, the chick seems bigger, the feathers have a much deeper grey color and the tiny beak seems more defined.¬†Perfect light and blue sky today too. Can’t help but smile seeing the mother and chick so close together!

Better out of the nest than in!

More coming soon!

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